My goal everyday is to live in my heart and be present for every breath. My intention is to live in Patience and Humility as best I can, and from this place be the best Intuitive Healer I can be. To be open to the beauty of the Source and the Spirit Guides and Angels that are here to help.

From this place I will help you with your questions and healing.

Thank you,

Jim Hudson


Jim Hudson has trained with Erin Pavlina and is proud to be one of her Padawans.

What Erin has to say about Jim:  "One of the graduates of my program is a very gifted healer.  He taps into something really powerful.  If you need healing (physical or emotional) I'd check him out.  He did wonders for a back problem I had recently, and he did it all remotely too.  It's awesome!"


"Via the internet, I sensed Jim’s great energy and was compelled to get a reading.  I was not disappointed!  Jim immediately began checking my chakras and delivering healing energy.  He touched upon spiritual and emotional wounds and removed them with assistance from attending angels and guides.  It was wonderful!  Jim not only gave me healing energy, but my son (who has some disabilities) also, as he was home with me during the reading.  Such kindness cannot be over appreciated!

Jim, without background information, picked up on the most detrimental relationship in my current life and immediately began giving me healing energy and information about the relationship. He gave me past-life information about this relationship that made sense of the current one.  It was so helpful in understanding and letting go of it.

But what was so fascinating about Jim’s reading is that he picked up a lot of blockage in my throat chakra.  I didn’t realize how much it was blocked until after the reading. Out of the blue, I began coughing for several hours after the reading and then nothing.  I truly feel that my throat chakra needed his wonderful healing because I slept like a baby that night and woke up feeling great!  He truly has a wonderful gift of healing others!  I now know I deserved it.  Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed."

~ Marla Pinnecoose

"When I contacted Jim I needed guidance in making key decisions and was searching for specific answers from angels and my guides. After reading the testimonials on Jim’s website, I felt that he could be the conduit to help me access these helpers.

Jim came to my Skype session prepared and already in an intuitive state and I appreciated the prior planning and thought he’d put into our time together.

During our conversation it quickly became apparent that Jim is a calm, empathetic, gifted healer, (with a very soothing voice) who provided a service above and beyond my expectations.

It’s now been three months since my reading and my life is still improving day by day with joy, peace, abundance, patience, wisdom and many more gifts. In addition, the weight loss I experienced when Jim gently released a lot of stuck energy, has been easily maintained.

I have had various readings in the past but none quite so powerful or life changing. Jim’s wonderful work served as the catalyst and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for clarity, healing and grounding in their life.

Thank you Jim."

~ Ava Ming

"I was referred to Jim by two friends who had healing work with him. I was extremely excited after hearing their experiences. i noticed shifts happening after booking my appointment...even before our call! Once he called, I felt so relaxed by his calming voice and way of speaking. Jim identified my spirit team and helped me to understand how to ask for their help. We then began clearing and balancing my energy. He began to help me understand how to protect myself energetically. I practice Reiki and am a strong empath, so understanding other techniques for protection was wonderful.

I've worked with Jim now a handful of times and each time has been beneficial and uplifting. Jim has amazing gifts and works with the utmost humility and compassion."

~ Jane Summer

"Jim has a true gift. I had a beautiful reading with him, and he helped guide me in such a gentle manner. He introduced me to my spiritual guides, which was very interesting and reassuring. He worked with the interference in my energy and provided healing and cleansing. He offered wonderful insight and guidance during a very difficult time.

I had such a sense of peace and well being after our Healing. Jim is a teacher as well as a healer. I received strength and reassurance to trust myself as I follow my path. I am so grateful to Jim and would recommend him to all!"

~ Michelle Burnett

"Jim is an incredibly gifted healer!!  I had my doubts with a healing over the phone, but was astounded with the results.  His reading was one of the most detailed and accurate I've had, and the healing offered was the most powerful.  I'm impressed."

~ Misti Townsend

"I had a healing with Jim a week ago. Before the session I was uncertain about many things: how spiritual contact could be made with someone a half a world away, what the healing would entail, and what the end result might be.

The answer to those questions is now obvious to me, a week later. During our healing session Jim showed me some amazing things-he introduced me to my spirit guides, removed chakra blockages, and clearly explained the root causes of my spiritual conflicts. The love he transmitted to me while doing all this was absolutely beautiful, enveloping me in a blanket of security and hope.

Over the past week I have gone from strength to strength- each day becoming more positive about my life and increasingly able to break through those restrictions that have stopped me living it to the full. Thank you Jim, for the gift you have given me. The world is a much better place for having you in it to help people like me."

~ Pam

"There are no amount of words that can be used to describe how incredibly blessed I feel to have had my reading with Jim.  This reading came at a time when I was in dire need of some answers from my guides.  The amount of weight lifted off my shoulders was huge and I was in tears for most of the reading.  I don't think that I will want to get a reading from anyone else, to be quite honest.  I am a sensitive myself and I can tell you that this man has a huge heart.  I could feel it's warmth all the way from Memphis.  God has blessed this man as a wonderfully talented healer and I hope to be friends with Jim in the years to come.  The world is going through a much needed transition right now and it's people like Jim Hudson that are going to make a huge impact on humanity.  I wish him all the blessings that God has to give and I look forward to my future readings with him."

~ Kaitlin Crowder

"I had a remarkably positive experience with Jim a few weeks back.  I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never done intuitive healing before.  I am so glad I took the leap because my phone journey turned out to be incredibly supportive and freeing.  Jim worked with my guides to release negative aspects of a close relationship from my chakras.  We then moved on to another complicated relationship that was game changing for me.  I really appreciated the work that he did.  Jim uses himself as a tool/bridge and there was no ego involved.  He has a fantastic spirit and I would recommend him to another without a second thought."

~ Shairie Holland

"I thank Jim very sincerely for the lovely reading he gave. I feel lighter all over. My physical areas of concern feel less intense. I look forward for help from Jim again and again whenever needed. I am so very grateful to have discovered you Jim, appreciating your gracious willingness to provide this service. I have wanted to thank you again for what you have given me - a wonderful insight to life. I have felt so much more postiive and accepting of what's happening in my life since I spoke with you. I am also applying your advice to others and feel lighter still!"

~ Ankita

"I wanted to get my intuitive reading done the moment I saw your website... there was something very sincere and open about your face which inspires confidence. Your intuitive reading was very convincing, and your analysis of my emotions and chakras were right on the spot. What I did not expect was the feeling of relief I would feel after I spoke to you. The way you took me through my fear and led me out of it was something I had little anticipated. Now I feel really light. It's nice to know about my spirit guides, (it's nice to know your not alone). You have a very special gift. Thank you so much Jim."

~ Jayathi

"I came across Jim Hudson's website by chance and decided to email him for a reading. I was unsure of what to expect because I was asking to learn more about myself on a spiritual level; do I have spirit guides, that kind of thing. Jim was so nice and said things that instantly made sense. I went through multiple emotions during our conversation, at one point it's like we were having a conversation about a very sensitive subject without us actually bringing up that specific subject, if that makes sense. It all made sense to me and it was very powerful. I am forever thankful for my experience. Thank you Jim!"

~ Jennifer Rooney

"The peace of mind that Jim brought me was invaluable. I am so grateful I was guided to him! His clear channel to higher sources of information gave me incredible clarity on my path and my choices ahead far and away more than other readings I've had. He was able to connect me to my guides and inner guidance in a way that no one or nothing else has been able to do before."

~ Kelly Lynn

"Jim has a beautiful gift, his soul was put on this earth to help others and he does it completely. Before my reading I felt lost, like I was navigating through the dark without a light. Jim gave me the light and showed me the path. He worked with my guides and reassured me that I am on the right path. With my awakening I know what my higher self wanted me to accomplish. Thank you for the wonderful and powerful experience. Everything you said blew me away!"

~ Courtney Lorenz

"My session with Jim brought so much peace into my life. He brought to my mind a peace that can only be given by someone who is able to connect into the light. Jim has the ability to help you connect, walk through your fears and find rest in a place of truth and integrity. He is truly a light worker and healer, able to assist you into moving into a place of peace, trust and acceptance."

~ Breanna Johnson

"Jim is a naturally gifted healer, seer and invaluable teacher.  I've witnessed his ability to clear chakras, produce vibrational tuning and truly balance mind, body and spirit."

~ Julie Johnson

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